How to Know the Ideal Proportions of Diamond Cuts

Diamond cutting is the art of cutting an irregular stone and evolving it into a precious diamond. The proportions of an ideal cut diamond were proposed and developed by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, which is a benchmark in America. The term ‘cut’ merely doesn’t denote the shapes like oval, round etc; rather it reflects the cut quality which is a key determinant of the diamond’s price and value.

Idyllically, the different types of diamond cuts are identified by reliable gemological laboratories that possess one of the following certifications:

  • HRD: Diamond High Council of Antwerp World Diamond Center.
  • IDI: International Gemological Institute.
  • GIA: Gemological Institute of America.

Primarily, an ideal cut diamond is judged on the following 3 criteria:

1.     Proportion

A diamond cut that is too shelved or too deep does not possess the same value as an ideal diamond cut. Such diamonds have very low shine and luster, resulting in a meager value and price.

According to Tolkowsky, the ideal proportions of diamond cuts have the following characteristics:

  • They are round shaped with 58 facets,
  • Percentage of depth: 59%,
  • Percentage of table: 53%,
  • Percentage of crown height: 16%
  • Percentage of pavilion depth: 43%,
  • Belt thickness must be medium and round from all sides,
  • Perfectly symmetrical,
  • Minute or no culet.

Finding a diamond cut exactly or even near to Tolkowsky’s calculations is a near to impossible undertaking. Continuous studies are being conducted by gemological laboratories that support or oppose Tolkowsky’s developed ideal cut proportions and characteristics. Remember, if your diamond is not round, it lacks the quality of brilliance and fire.

2.     Shine

All the surfaces of a diamond must be vigilantly glossed to remove deficiencies. All kinds of blemishes, scratches and defects must be removed to produce an ideal diamond cut.

3.     Shapeliness

All the facets of a diamond must be in conformity. The evenness and consistency of a diamond cut determines its idealness and authenticity.


Choosing the Right Breitling Diamond Watch for Your Style

Breitling is a Swiss brand of watches known for their quality and precision, but what makes these watches appealing to every luxury watch collector is their unique design and style. Breitling Diamond watch are some of the most popular items, worn by many celebrities and not only over the years. The brand needs no further presentation for those who know at least a thing or two about high-class watches.

But, if you were to choose your first diamond Breitling watch, what would you choose? The brand has five different collections, including a variety of watches of different styles and with different purposes.

The Navitimer collection

This collection was especially designed for pilots, because the watches have the ability to perform various actions needed when planning a flight. The first watches were launched in the 1950s, and it’s interesting to note that a Navitimer was the first watch used in space. These watches have maintained their classic design over the years.

The Windrider collection

Breitling Windrider watches are the ultimate sport watches, water resistant and suitable for all kinds of sports. Chronomat 41 and Chronomat 44 are some of the most popular models, because they also have diamond work versions. Diamond Breitling watches from the Windrider collection are perfect for the adventurous man, even if he’s not a professional athlete or into sports.

The Professional collection

The Professional collection is also designed for pilots, including the popular Aerospace model. These are robust and precise watches, for those who want something rather “classic”.

The Aeromarine collection

This is another collection that includes highly water-resistant watches. Some of the models also include diamond Breitling watches, which makes it clear these watches are not only ment for those who want to go scuba diving.

The Breitling by Bentley Collection

The watches all respect the same standard in accuracy and durability, but this collection is clearly all about luxury. Various diamond Breitling watches from this collection represent the perfect combination between quality and luxury, offering the pleasure of simply having a watch like this on the wrist.

In conclusion, Breitling diamond watches are great investment for those who want to own a timeless accessory, which can easily be incorporated into their personal style. The brand also offers the possibility to have custom Breitling watches, which can be found through selected retailers and manufactures certified to operate the desired modifications.

Having so many models to choose from, Breitling diamond watches represent an must have item for any luxury watch collector, but also a perfect gift for a special someone, for a business partner, or even for yourself. Diamond Breitling watches are the perfect complementary accessory for your everyday style or for a special occasion, because they’re very flexible and versatile.



What Differentiates Ladies and Gents Diamond Watches?

Diamond watches have remained the preferred choice of the elite class. However, with improved economic conditions and exposure to a luxurious lifestyle, a portion of the middle class is being attracted to the charm of diamond watches. Not only women but also men are finding it hard to resist the temptation of owning a beautiful diamond watch.

There are different kinds of diamond watches available in the market. Depending on the design and style of these watches, they can be classified into different categories. The two categories of diamond watches include diamond watches for men and for women. What is the difference between the two categories of watches? Read on to find out what differentiates masculine diamond watches from dainty feminine watches.

Size Matters

The biggest difference between men’s and women’s diamond watches is the size of the watches. Men’s diamond watches are usually bigger and bulkier. On the other hand, women’s diamond watches are lighter and smaller than their macho counterparts. The reason for this difference is simple: men have generally thicker and more muscular wrists as compared to women who have thinner, dainty wrists. This is reflected in the size of the diamond watches.

Color Preferences

Another important difference between the diamond watches is the color. Men prefer a limited variety of bold colors that include black, gold, or silver. This is why most of their diamond watches incorporate subtle variations of these hues. Not only do they make the watch look elegant but it displays a professional aura as well.

Women, on the other hand, prefer greater varieties of colors. Watch designers, being perceptive of this preference, offer women diamond watches in pink, red, purple, and other color variations. The watches may have metallic color straps with a dial screen featuring different hues of these colors.

Design Differences

Diamond watches for men have simple and unassuming designs. These watches look bold, formal and elegant. The straps of men’s diamond watches are normally wider with minimal design patterns.

Diamond watches for women are generally more elaborate. These watches may be set with elaborate diamond patters or floral prints to make them stand out on dainty wrists. The straps are thinner and delicately bejeweled with finer details.


Function and Features

Men’s diamond watches emphasize practical functions over design. Watches that contain functions such as a calendar, stopwatch, and chronograph attract this gender. Contrarily, women diamond watches highlight fabulous design and appearance over functions. These watches normally contain just the essential features like a date function and illuminated dials. The emphasis is more on attractive design that looks  eye-catching and gorgeous to others.

Keeping these subtle differences in mind while purchasing diamond watches for him or her will prevent well intentioned gifts from turning out to be embarrassing gift choices. Men’s diamond watches are more macho, manly and geared towards practicality. On the other hand, women’s diamond watches are intended to be objects of beauty and are therefore more colorful, showy and lightweight.




The Watch Gallery: Diamond Watch Buying Guide

Diamonds have been sought since ancient times for their beautiful shine and resplendent dazzling radiance. Both women and men are attracted by the lustrous lure of these precious stones. Women are attracted to diamonds due to their sparkling beauty. Men love diamonds because these majestic rare gems are indicative of power, wealth, and prosperity.

Diamonds that beautify wristwatches offer dual benefits of keeping time and making a bold statement about the importance of a woman’s elegance and refinement of a man’s masculinity. Rare and precious objects command greater value; the uniqueness, gleam, and resplendent beauty of the diamond watches makes them highly prized. That is why due care should be taken before investing money in purchasing diamond watches.

Brands that Complement Your Style

There are different reputed diamond watch brands available on the market. Some of the popular diamond wristwatch brands include:

  • Rolex,
  • Breitling SA,
  • Audemars Piguet,
  • Omega,
  • Swatch,
  • Seiko,
  • Citizen,
  • Hamilton, and many more.

Each of these brands offer uniquely designed diamond wristwatches crafted with perfect elegance and sophistication. Select a diamond watch brand that perfectly complements your style, personality, and taste.

Diamond Quality for Aesthetics

Apart from brands, another important consideration in buying wristwatches includes the quality of the diamonds that ornament the watches. Higher quality diamonds entail higher prices. Four important factors determine the quality and thereby price of the diamond wristwatches. They include:

  • Carat – Carat indicates weight of the diamond. One carat equals 1/5th of a gram or 200 milligrams. Diamond watches come with different carats. Higher carat diamond watches have more diamonds that adorn the watches.
  • Color – Another factor that determines the quality of the diamonds is their color. The color of a diamond is coded from D to Z that range from being colorless to light yellow in color. Colorless diamonds are the most valuable and entail the highest cost.

D to H color codes indicates colorless to nearly colorless diamonds. K to R color codes indicates diamonds of slightly yellow haze, while color codes from S to Z indicate diamonds of light yellow color.

  • Clarity – The third factor that determines the quality and price of the diamond includes its clarity. Clarity of a diamond is graded from F to I3.

FL: Completely Flawless

IF: Internally flawless, but contain minor external flaws

VVS1 – VVS2: Extremely minor flaws that only an expert can detect with a powerful 10X microscope.

VS1 – VS2: Minor flaws that an average person can detect with a powerful 10X microscope.

SI1 – SI2: Flaws that are easily viewed by an average person with a powerful 10X microscope.

I1 – I3: Flaws that are clearly visible to the naked eye.

Budget that Fits

Finally, budget is the most important consideration while purchasing diamond watches. Before searching for the diamond watch, determine beforehand how much can be allocated for a purchase. There are different diamond watches that come under different price ranges. Only you must handpick the diamond watch that not only wins your heart, but also remains within your budget.


Is a Rolex Worth Your Time?

The question sounds ridiculous all on its own. Rolex is an established brand for watches globally. Anyone who has aspired to be anything has aspired to own one of these. But what makes it so uniquely desirable? And more importantly, is it really worth the price you pay for one? When you think about it that way, it might seem materialistic and unnecessary.

But it is as unnecessary as asking your girlfriend to marry you with a diamond ring in your hand, as irrelevant as giving your daughter a diamond necklace for a wedding present and as unnecessary as buying your son his first car when he moves to college. It is not the money, the material or the item that matters. It is the emotion behind it; the emotion that claims loyalty, promises, gratitude, trust and pride. And just like you’d like to celebrate all those other relationships in your life, it is important to celebrate your own self also. Celebrate your hard work, your achievements and your success. And it is all that and more that a Rolex celebrates with you.

Rolex is known for a number of things; exclusivity, class, elegance, customer support and a good variety of collections. You don’t just own a Rolex, you own THE Rolex; hence, you would need to do a little research to find the one that best meets your personality and budget. Following is a step-by-step guide to help you find your ultimate Rolex:

  1. The first step is to choose the gender you want to wear. Many women love wearing men’s watches and vice versa. Hence this step would greatly narrow down the selection.
  2. Next, you’d need to decide on the aesthetics. Would you like a steel, gold, steel and gold or an embellished bracelet?
  3. Choose for a face option. Most commonly watch faces are available in white, black, blue, gold, pink or one with designs.
  4. Next comes the purpose of buying a Rolex diamond watch. Are you looking for a sports watch, dress watch or an everyday watch? The purpose will help determine whether you’d like something more flashy or subtle. Of course, personal taste and preference also plays an important role in determining what kind of a style statement you’d like to make.
  5. Now opt for the one that meets your personal statement. For instance, Rolex Datejust is known to be the ‘Classic watch’, the Day-Date models are known as the ‘Leader’s watch’ and the exclusive Daytona is known as the ‘Driver’s watch’. So invest your time and effort in finding a collection that best meets your personality.
  6. Next comes the all important budget. A Rolex can cost you anywhere between a few thousand dollars and up to even $50,000 or more. It doesn’t matter how much you end up spending, you will find your ticket into the elitist group with your first Rolex watch. Rolex is known as the official timekeeper of the Australian Open and Wimbledon tennis grand slams.

How to Buy Custom Diamond Watches for Your Loved One?

Custom diamond watches are a must have accessory for celebrities. Charlize Theron, Jamie Presley, Snoop Dogg, and many others have been spotted adorning their wrists with custom diamond watches. Nothing says “I am Famous” than customized diamond watches that exhibit unique style, taste, and high status of the person who ‘dresses up’ their wrists with these custom diamond watches.

Thanks to the numerous online watch dealers you can also afford custom watches, not just celebrities. If you are thinking about treating your lady with a luxury beautiful diamond watch, here are few tips to making sure that you buy the best diamond wristwatch to bring a bright smile on her face.

Know your purpose. Determine beforehand the reason for purchasing a custom diamond watch. Is it for everyday use? Is it for work? Or, is it for display only? Knowing the purpose will help further on while stating your requirements to the custom diamond watch dealer. It will ensure that the diamond watch serve the purpose for which it is being purchased for your loved one.

Set The Budget. Another important task before ordering a custom diamond watch is to set the budget for the purchase. Buying a custom diamond watch is not just an investment on a timepiece. It is an investment on style, grace, elaborate design, and simplicity. The custom diamond watch should fit within the price range that is fitting for your beloved partner.

Identify her lifestyle. The beauty of custom diamond watches is that they can feature functions perfectly synched to your preferences. Consider the lifestyle of your loved one before making an order of the custom diamond watch. Does she have active lifestyle? Then a scratch and water resistant custom diamond watch with chronograph can help in performing those strenuous training routines. If she has a job, then a custom diamond watch with date/day feature will help organize her work at office.

Maintenance and Upkeep. A lady’s diamond watch is delicate and requires extra care and service. Make sure the custom diamond watch contains parts and components, which are easy to repair and replace. Moreover, the diamonds that adorn these watches should be located in places that are easy to reach and clean to maintain their luster and radiance.

Know about the Service and Warranty. Most high-end custom diamond watches come with a warranty. It is essential that the warranty covers servicing of the watches. Cleaning and repairing costly diamond watches is an ordeal better left to experts. You do not want your lady to be without the diamond watch for long in case there is a defect. Service and warranty ensures that your watch is repaired and returned as quickly and cheaply as possible when the need arises.

Giving a custom diamond watch as a gift will act as an extension of your love for your partner. There are online stores that offer an extensive range of precious custom diamond watches. These customized diamond watches exude style, elitism and exclusivity, which will become a memorable gift for your loved one.

Clarity Enhanced Diamond Watches

Clarity enhanced diamond watches contain natural diamonds that have been upgraded in clarity. The ornamental diamonds are treated with specific enhancements to improve their visual allure and appeal. The World Jewelry Confederation (CIBJO) and government agencies such as the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) require disclosure of all diamond treatments that are put up for sale.

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds Watches?

Clarity enhancement process upgrades the diamonds that results in more sparkle and shine. However, diamonds are clear and sparkling when mined from the earth and polished. Flaws appear when they undergo harsh stress during the cutting process. These flaws include scratches, blemishes, air bubbles, and others that lessen their luster and shine.

Watches adorned with flawless and perfectly clear diamonds are more valuable than those that contain diamonds of less clarity. How can you know the clarity grade of your diamond watches?

As mentioned earlier, CIBJO and FTC require all diamond dealers to disclose clarity grade of the diamonds. Diamonds are graded according to the level of their clarity and flaws. Clarity grades range from completely flawless to inclusion of minor imperfections and heavy blemishes visible to the eye.

The grading of the diamonds is as follows:

  • FL: Completely Flawless both internally and externally
  • IF: Internally flawless, but contain minor external flaws that can be removed by further polishing
  • VVS1 – VVS2: Both these grades indicate presence of extremely minor flaws that only an expert can detect with a powerful 10X microscope. If the flaws are detected from the bottom of the diamond, it is a VVS1 graded diamond. Contrarily, if the flaws are detected from top of the diamond it is a VVS2 grade diamond.
  • VS1 – VS2: Both these grades indicate presence of minor flaws that an average person can detect with a powerful 10X microscope.
  • SI1 – SI2: Both these grades indicate presence of flaws that are easily viewed by an average person with a powerful 10X microscope.
  • I1 – I3: The flaws are visible with bare eyes.

Diamond watches with few or new blemishes are more valued than those that sport lackluster ones. Consider avoiding I1 – I3 diamonds since they do not sparkle with much radiance and are worth less than other graded diamond watches.

Which Diamond Watch is Right for You?

Everyone appreciates the best sparkling and flawless diamonds to adorn their watches. Knowing about the clarity of the diamonds will ensure that the investment is worth the value. When shopping for diamond watches look for the perfect balance between clarity grades and budget. Most people prefer diamond watches with clarity grades of VS2 or higher.

These diamond watches contain minimum blemishes that is not easily visible to the eye. Moreover, due to presence of minimum flaws, higher clarity graded watches sparkle with vivid radiance and dazzling shine. They shine with more luster and brilliance that stands out.

Diamonds adorned on every RS Diamond Watches have a clarity grade above VS2. These diamonds have minimum flaws that radiate with vivid clarity and sparkle.

Benefits of Buying a Diamond Watch Online

Buying a high quality watch is a lifetime investment. It usually is the unspoken aspect of the ultimate American Dream. You want your house with a pool, a sports car and a Harley Davidson (just for the heck of it) and you want a diamond watch to seal the deal to your status as a successful and accomplished individual. Most of us start hunting the perfect diamond watch long before you even landed your first job. If old tales and traditions are to go by, your first watch is presented by your parent, your second one perhaps by a loved one, but your ultimate watch is earned through hard work. It is a statement that says you have made your mark in the world. Needless to say, when it comes to selecting that ultimate watch- the pressure is ON!

Timelessness of Your Choice

You want something that will stay with you for years, but at the same time you don’t want something that says you time travelled back to the 20th century to purchase it. You want it to be contemporary yet classic, new yet give an impression of old money, and branded yet personalized to your character and personality. Now, that’s a lot of details. If only there was a store with a collection that massive to help with your decision making. Unfortunately, most brick and mortar stores only hold selected designs and collections of selected brands. But fortunately for you, online stores have time pieces that can take you back in time as they can give you a tour of the future trends.

Freedom to Discover

The ultimate watch is not selected, it is discovered. You want to know the story behind it, the mechanics, the features and then compare them to the dozens of others you have shortlisted. Imagine yourself doing that in a store and the only thing you’d remember are the badly-concealed bored expressions of the sales person. When online, you have the freedom to stare at the diamond watch of your choice for as long as you want, look at it from every angle and then compare it minute by minute to all the other time pieces you have selected.

Beauty is in the Details

So when was the watch of your selection launched? How many colors and designs are available in it? Who wears that specific style and brand and what features does it offer except for beauty and status? Research is the key to any pivotal investment and the internet opens the windows to all the information you need to or want to know. So you want the watch Roger Federer is sporting in the Wimbledon Rolex advertisement but rather opt for what Charles Brandon or Bradley Cooper wore to the Oscars. Try asking your local salesperson these questions and the chances are you’d be met with a blank look and a number of other ‘similar options’ that don’t remotely resemble what you are looking for.

Buying a diamond watch is a big deal, so be sure to make it a big deal by widening your options to every possible brand and collection available in the market. The internet has opened up the doors to the rest of the world, make use of this option and don’t settle for whatever’s available in your region; because those who dominate, dominate the world!

Audemars Piguet Watches: Perfect Blend of Luxury and Style

Luxury watches can be a symbol of material wealth and prosperity. The rich love to indulge in these extravagant luxuries to flaunt their style and taste. These priceless pieces not only tell the time but also exude stunning simplicity and complex beauty in their overall function and design.

There are many luxury watch brands but only a selected few evoke a feeling of grandeur and luxury. One of the watch brands that easily fit the category is the iconic Audemars Piguet Watches. These watches have adorned the hands of various celebrities that include Justin Timberlake, Patrick Dempsey, Lebron James, and many others.

Here we look at the history of the iconic Swiss watch brand that has redefined the word perfection in the niche of luxury wristwatches.

Origin of Audemars Piguet Luxury Watches

Audemars Piguet (AP) (French pronunciation: AWE deh mahr PEE gae) was founded in 1875 by Swiss watchmakers Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet. About seven years later in 1882; Audemars Piguet watches became one of the best selling watch makers in the region of southwestern Switzerland.

The company opened its branch in Geneva in 1889 and began manufacturing and assembling its own parts under strict quality control and supervision. It produced around 1200 exceptional and complex wristwatches between the period 1894 and 1899. Among these were the prestigious “Grande Complication” series that featured perpetual calendar, minute repetition, and chronograph.

Meteoric Rise of AP Brand Watches

The founders of the company Audemars and Piguet died around the year 1918 and 1919 respectively. By this time, the company was generating substantial profit and was operating successfully. It set various milestones like creating the world’s smallest minute repeater watch, the world’s thinnest pocket watch and the Hunter Model pocket watch that featured barometer, independent second hand, and date/day function. The company also developed the first skeleton pocket watch in 1928.

During World War II, Audemars Piguet watches experienced exceptional sales of ultra-thin chronograph models, most notably the Calibre 2003. The sales of the watches gradually climbed during the early 1940s and 1950s. In 1967, it came up with the thinnest luxury watch with automatic movement manufactured in collaboration with Jaeger-LeCoultre.

The Classic Royal Oak AP Watches

At the beginning of the 1970s, Quartz watches from Japan were posing serious challenge to the Swiss watch making industry. Dubbed as the “quartz crises”, various Swiss watch brands saw dips in their sale due to the onslaught of Japanese quartz watch brands that were available in cheap prices.

In order to stop the dramatic drop in sales, the company realized that it had to come up with a radically new watch design or face a financial collapse. They had previously found great demand for steel luxury watches and decided to focus on that segment.

Their efforts culminated in the launch of a new watch brand called “Royal Oak” in 1972. A renowned Swiss watchmaker Gerald Genta designed the iconic watch, which supported a sporty yet stylish design. It helped in creating the market for stainless steel luxury watches.

AP Brand Today

Today, the luxury watch brand, along with Rolex, Omega, & Tissot, is sometimes claimed to be one of the “big three” Swiss watchmakers. Every Audemars Piguet watch is made using old-fashioned techniques (read handmade) that is passed through rigorous quality control. The Royal Oak remains the most popular watch brand of the company that evokes feeling of grandeur, majesty, and splendor.



Should you Customize your Rolex Diamond Watches?

Do you own the iconic Rolex Diamond wristwatch? Are you thinking about buying one? Then you should know that there are certain aftermarket customizations offered by certain dealers for Rolex diamond watches. These customizations range from changing the dial, replacing the straps to adding additional diamonds to the bezel.

Whatever the case, you should weigh the pros and cons of customizing your elegant and costly Rolex diamond watches before making an investment to customize these costly wrist watches. Here we present advantages and disadvantages of Rolex aftermarket customizations to decide whether they are worth your investment.

Benefits of Aftermarket Customizations

Customizing the Rolex diamond watches is similar to adding customized parts to luxury cars. These customizations allow owners of the majestic watches to customize them to their preferences making them one of a kind. Aftermarket customizations of their Rolex watches allow them to add features that makes the watch truly unique and which suits their taste and style.

Moreover, aftermarket customizations allow Rolex watch owners to incorporate features cheaper as compared to purchasing Rolex watches that came with these features by default. For example, Rolex offers diamond watches with leather straps. Watches that feature stainless steel metallic straps are somewhat costly. Rolex owners can save costs by replacing leather straps with stainless steel metallic straps through aftermarket customization.

These aftermarket customizations allows complete overhaul of the Rolex diamond watches. One can change the appearance of the wrist watches to add certain features and functionality. Some of the customization available for Rolex wristwatches includes adding durable silicon bracelets, adjustable NATO strap, lightweight leather replacement bands, and many other customized features.

Now…the Downside of Aftermarket Customizations

Aftermarket customization offers certain benefits to Rolex diamond watch owners. Yet, these customized additional do not come with any downsides. No matter how much they improve the appeal of the diamond watches, the fact is that these customizations lower their value.

Although these aftermarket customizations may seem appealing at present, it may not be pleasing to the buyer in case they are offered for sale. Rolex warns against buying watches that come with customizations and additions. The reason is that Rolex watches are created with high precision manufacturing equipment. Any customization to the watch may undermine the quality of the watches and take away much of their appeal.

Another noteworthy disadvantage of aftermarket customizations is that they void the warranty of the manufacturer. Rolex guarantees that their products are defect free when they come out of the factory. Any changes to the watches void their warranty, which makes it difficult to sell them later on.

It is important that you carefully weigh in the advantages of making aftermarket customizations of your Rolex diamond watches. These customizations are great if you want to increase the appeal of the watches. However, it would be difficult to sell them down the line. Not only do these customizations void the warranty of the manufacturer but also the aftermarket cost of the watches reduces significantly as well.