Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold

Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold is a Rolex replica with a command, recognition and high level of admiration. This watch is amazingly crafted to suit the young, bold and outstanding individuals who understand the needs of their wardrobe and are daring to impress and attract the attention of the right crowd.

This watch comes with a high level of skilled craftsmanship hence delivers the best confidence to its users. Its automatic winding technology, quickset and the well crafted, stainless bracelet and the jewel movement command a unique impression in adventures, boardrooms or even bedrooms.

Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold review

If you are a man with a class and fashion and you have never had this amazing Rolex product on your wrist, then you are a let down to the entire man species. Rolex Day-Date Dial Markers Fluted Bezel 18k Gold is a watch with a class and brand that is highly ranked with respect to high quality.

The correct serial number and Swiss cloned movement features of this watch besides the royal gold appearance ascertains this product as the best item for surprise gifts and royal occasions.

An overview of this amazing watch is as illustrated.

Product features

·         Brand; Rolex

·         Quartz movement

·         Day- date model series

·         Made of crystal scratch resistance sapphire

·          Have a black solid case

·         Fluted yellow gold bezel

·         36mm diameter

·         Made of a yellow gold 18k material

·         Belongs to the president class type

·         Automatic winding technology

·         Well crafted stainless bracelet

·         Uses the quickset technology

·         Thickness; 13mm

·         Water resistance (100meters)

·         904L stainless steel


It is evident that only Rolex has manufactured a watch so elegant that most presidents have been spotted around wearing. Rolex day-date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k gold comes with a salient golden dial with silver labels which brings about the color differentiation that has been an eye catcher too many people.

This admirable Rolex replica also comes with a well-polished back cover with a pleasant smooth finishing that ensures genial contact with the skin hence preventing skin injuries and scratches besides protecting the delicate inner parts of this product. Quartz movement and the automatic winding technology are also among the specifications that this amazing product arrives with.


Durability is an important factor most people in the entire universe consider when they purchase their favorite items. It is therefore clear this is a crucial specification that ought not to be taken lightly. Rolex Day –Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k gold does not leave this out either.

This handsome watch fully uses 904L stainless steel among other classy watches. This material is designed in a specific special manner that makes it more resistant to corrosion and stronger in texture than other steel. Reseach has also justified that this steel is better than other steel as a material for durable fancy watches. Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k gold is, therefore, more durable than other watches because of this specific modification.


This watch category uses a unique 904L steel material thus making it the most durable and less corrosive watch in existence. 904L Steel mainly used in petrochemical equipment, water processor, and storage surface reactor contains a super austenitic steel of ultra-low carbon this feature ensures a reduced level of corrosion as less oxygen and moisture penetrates the material.

It is also fitted with a screw-in Rolex crown that ensures accurate date and day adjustments. During this period, the second hand automatically stops until when the crown is impelled back to its original position. The watch is also made of a clear crystal cover which protects the watch from tides hence making it last longer.


This replica matches the genuine looks and quality hence enabling most people to enjoy expensive and classy appearance at an accessible price point. The size of this product also makes it preferable. Its price ranges from $1295 to $1300 thus making it a pocket-friendly classy item. All types of this product are available and shipped upon placement of an order.


Quality standard and high-level craft are the only standards for Rolex Day-Date Dial Stick Markers Fluted Bezel 18k gold. However small it may be, Rolex Day-Date Dial ensures it strives for excellence all the parts are manufactured together ensuring compatibility and attractive finishing.

This series also has a group of highly skilled and committed research specialists who ensure the continual advancement of tabulation technology to ensure ordinary people enjoy the high-end professional products in their daily life as it is the case with this astounding watch.

When worn, this watch makes a statement of seriousness, glam and high profiling hence it qualifies as the best recommendation.


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