Rolex Yacht-Master Solid 18k Everose 2 Tone Brown Face Replica Watch Review

I was on a lookout for Rolex Yacht Master Solid 18k Everose 2 Tone Brown Face Replica since my previous watch (exact same kind) got stolen. I was so mad and I couldn’t stand the fact that I’ve lost something that was so valuable in a heartbeat. Devastated, and broke as I was, I tried finding something cheaper.

 Rolex Yacht Master Solid 18k Everose 2 Tone Brown Face Replica
Rolex Yacht Master Solid 18k Everose 2 Tone Brown Face Replica

What I’ve Discovered

After some time, I’ve discovered this site called where they sold only the best replicas that you can imagine. Luckily enough, they had my watch too, so I purchased it immediately. I didn’t really look into the site nor watch itself since I was trying to get it back as soon as possible. The fact that it was really cheap was good enough for me, and it grabbed my attention and kept me going with my purchase. The worse case scenario would be me losing what, a little over 1k? I was ready to deal with that. This may seem like a lot of money to some, but after losing a 20 grand watch, everything else was acceptable.

Why This Rolex Yacht Master Solid 18k Everose 2 Tone Brown Face Replica?

I always loved the Yacht-Master concept and the fact that they’ve featured an 18k gold. Rolex always had a clear vision about their watches and they’ve made them with a steel case and they made them water-resistant (up to 300m), while the gold case was water-resistant up to 100m. This sounded like a watch that can do it all, so I had to hop on board and see it for myself. That’s why I bought the original thing. I am a sporty person so I am always on a lookout for a watch that can achieve a lot, and for me this was it. Not only that it was sporty, it also had a lot of class to it.

The Purchase

After a few weeks, my delivery got to my door and it looked huge. I usually make good observations, and I could tell that my package was heavy, luxurious, and it matched the watch that was inside. The box was bright pink with some gold specs and had a soft side to it, along with some gray elements, just like the watch itself. The shape of the watch was round (as expected) and it looked a lot like my previously stolen original, not gonna lie. It truly did look like a good investment, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.


The watch was two-toned and was combined with stainless steel and Everose Gold (Rolex’s own rose gold alloy), or something that looked a lot like it. It also had a brown dial. They usually combine it with either blue, gray, yellow gold or white color combos. The bracelet itself was made, I’d say, out of stainless steel. The diameter was also quite similar to the original since I was able to measure 40mm, which made it highly approachable and easy to navigate. However, in my opinion, the bezel is the most beautiful design of the watch. As it is with the original, it is with the replica. It is large with just the right numerals and with a polished surface, stunning!

The Crown

The black base of the watch only made the white and gold stand out some more. It also made the crown pop out and it looked really put together, just as it was with my previous model. When the sun hits it, it looks even more gracious and well put in the sunlight since it reflects gold and shines brightly. The hands are gold, and the name is printed in a bright red color, a classic move by Rolex.

Felt Comfortable

I gave it a swirl and wore it out for a test trial. During my 2-3 hour period, it felt like everything was alright. The watch wasn’t too heavy nor light, and it felt really comfortable around my wrist. I was also afraid that my back closure might be too loose and that the watch would slip off, but that didn’t happen. As I was waiting for it to make any kind of mistake, I’ve actually realized that it was bulletproof.

 Rolex Yacht Master Solid 18k Everose 2 Tone Brown Face Replica
Rolex Yacht Master Solid 18k Everose 2 Tone Brown Face Replica

So Far So Good

Currently, I am in my third week of testing it out and I am more than pleased. My new Rolex Yacht-Master Solid 18k Everose 2 Tone Brown Face does not skip time, and it ticks just as well as my previous one did. The site where I got it from is still active, and I made sure to let all of my friends know about it

I personally have had a pleasant experience and I do recommend their watches, especially since they are so affordable.



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